Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

With the insurance agents at Matlack & Company in Glendora NJ, we will help you find the best liability coverage you require at the price you can afford. Whether your motorcycle is your main transportation or just a weekend ride, anytime you take it on the road, there is a chance of an accident. Motorcycle liability insurance can cover injuries, medical expenses, and damages to property in accidents you have caused. Give us a call today at 856-939-1545 to get a quote.
  • Motor scooters
  • Minibikes
  • Custom motorcycles
  • Trail bikes
  • Classic motorcycles

What Can Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

  • Bodily injury to yourself or someone else
  • Damage to someone else's property you are responsible for while riding your motorcycle
  • Damage to your motorcycle or protective gear caused by an accident
  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Theft, fire, vandalism, and other losses

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Types of Motorcycles Insured