Life and Disability Insurance

Prepare for life's unexpected moments with life insurance. Trust in Matlack & Company Glendora NJ to help support you and your family's financial future. Life insurance helps provide financial security and can cover medical bills, funeral costs, mortgage, college tuition, and other living expenses.

Term Life

Term life insurance helps with continuing providing financial protection and security for your family after you are gone. It provides income that can cover expenses like rent and groceries. It covers a fixed rate of payments for a certain time period.

Universal Life

Universal life insurance offers flexible premium plans you can adjust each year. It offers cash value that you may be able to borrow from while you are still alive. Some policies may also allow you to increase or decrease the death benefit to match your circumstances. In summary, ir offers the low-cost protection of term life insurance with a savings element.

Whole Life

Whole life insurance allows you to pay the same amount each and every year for your protection coverage and a guaranteed death benefit. Whole life insurance provides cash value that builds over time and you could borrow. Whole life may also allow you to make loans against the policy.