Group Health Insurance

No matter your company's size, Matlack & Company in Glendora, NJ works to provide a customized group health insurance for all of your employees. Your insurance plans can include medical expenses, dental, vision, life insurance, disability, and more. Group health insurance will keep your employees happy and in turn a more productive work place. Give us a call today to learn more at 856-939-1545.

Health Insurance

  1. It gives you a competitive edge.
  2. It helps retain great employees
  3. It is good for your and your employees' wallets
  4. It produces a more productive and healthy workplace

Group Health Insurance FAQs

If it is your first time purchasing group health insurance for your employees, you might want to come prepared to let your insurance agent know all about what your needs and your employees' needs are. Here are some frequently asked questions that will determine the type of health insurance policy will work best for you.
Q: Am I eligible for group health insurance?
A: If you have at least two people in the company, at least one of those people is a W2 employee, and the group does NOT consist of only a husband and a wife.

Q: Do I have to offer my insurance to all employees?

A: You don't have to offer insurance to all employees but you must treat all employees the same. For example, if you have part-time employees, you can choose not to offer insurance to them and only offer it to your full-time employees. You can't exclude one person individually.

Q: Can I purchase dental or vision insurance?
A: Yes. Dental and/or vision insurance can be selected when you apply for health insurance.

If you have any other questions, please call us at 856-939-1545 to speak to our professional insurance agents or visit our office today!